Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a group of people with avid interest to inaugurate and harmonize Malaysian culture in the UK while seeking for new opportunities to strengthen the ties of these two nations. With at least 60,000 people who was roots directly or indirectly tied to Malaysian heritage,  we feel that a specialized group should be formed to collate these similarities and create so much more together.

We aim to showcase the best of Malaysia in UK, beginning with Aberdeen; the oil and gas capital of Europe. We have established a Malaysian restaurant, a cultural centre that houses a function room, a mini theater, a quiet room, a library and and 4 lodging rooms enough to accommodate 13 guests at a time; all in the effort to introduce Malaysian culture here.


Our Philosophy

We believe the world was made diverse in cultures and history so that we may get to know each other, understand, make peace and prosper with one another.

We believe that everyone must keep pride of their culture and heritage and share it with the world. To achieve this, dedicated facilities and opportunities must be kept abundant. We want to help make that happen and we hopefully have laid the ground work for more cultural exchanges to take place.

While our primary goal is to deliver the beauty and diversity of Malaysian culture, our secondary goal is to educate as many people as we can on the importance of toleration and learning other peoples’ way of lives. We wish to empower people to start looking at similarities while respecting the differences in other culture.